About Bilston Upholstery

About Bilston Upholstery

Bliston Upholstery is owned and operated by Mr G Downes. He has been in the Upholstery business for over 45 years.  Over that time he has built a well established and respected business and has 1000's of satisfied customers both locally and nationwide.

Our customers are mainly based in the West Midlands but have also included far and wide as Germany, Spain and Greece.  Works can include refurbishing bars to three piece suites and motor homes.

Mr. Downes has an extensive amount of experience in Hotel, Pubs and Restaurants refurbishments. Having spent over twenty years working for breweries and private landlords.

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Our Specialisms

We offer a wide variety of furniture repairs, reupholstery and cleaning services to keep your furniture in top condition.

  • Furniture and Suite Recolouring
  • Furniture Reupholstery
  • Furniture Repadding
  • Furniture Respringing
  • Furniture Cleaning
  • Furniture Maintenance